Kim Adams

Kim Adams

June 9, 2022

My coaching philosophy is derived from the understanding that athletes at all levels perform best in a positive and competitive environment, with a focus on refining their skills and educating each athlete on the fundamentals and micro aspects of each position, body movement, and the  “why” behind each volleyball movement. Statistics are a driving force in my coaching decisions and have proven to set my teams apart for others. 

I strive to show each athlete the importance of how teamwork coupled with commitment and hard work, will lead to the development of a well-rounded player. I truly feel that a coach’s passion and excitement for volleyball is infectious and aids in elevating their team to the next level. My goal is to ensure that each athlete leaves with deeper love, understanding, and respect for volleyball.

Best Volleyball Moment: It’s hard to pick one. My favorite volleyball moments are when it “clicks” for the athletes. There’s a moment when all the coaching and reps pay off and it typically happens in one moment one hit, one set, one read; the game slows down and they get it. I live for those moments!

Favorite Movie: Love and basketball