Recruiting Email Sample

Sample College Recruiting Email

Subject Line: Jane Smith, #5, Class of 2021 (Make sure you include useful information on your subject line)

Dear Coach (Name Here) (It’s a good idea to email both the head coach and assistant coach, who is often the one who oversees recruiting)

My name is Jane Smith, and I’m a 5’11 outside hitter for East Coast Power Volleyball 16-Carolina National Team and a 2021 recruit. I will be playing in 16-Open competition at the Northeast Qualifier in Philadelphia on THESE DATES, and I’d like to invite you to come see me play.

Here is a link to my video. You can also find more information about me on my roster and team page, which includes my season schedule. (Include these links) 

Add some brief detail about yourself: I’m a strong all-around player with a 9’6 approach touch. I’m also a strong academic student and would like to play for your program. I have filled out the recruiting questionnaire on your website. (If you are contacting a very high academic school, you can include additional academic information like SAT, ACT scores, AP or IB curriculum etc.)

I hope to see you at the NEQ. 

Jane Smith, #5 (Sign with your jersey number) (use your player email, not your parents)

You can contact my club recruiting staff at this email.
(Make sure you include the club email so the coach can contact us if needed)