College Resources

Athletes who are interested in playing volleyball in college should sign up for UA, College Board and NCAA.
University Athlete
Coaches use University Athlete to track your tournaments and search for athletes. We recommend that every athlete sign up for this free service.
College Board
Sign up for notices on SAT testing dates and other important college news.
NCAA Eligibility Center
College-bound athletes interested in playing for Division 1 or Division 2 programs need to register with the NCAA.
Campus Explorer 
Find Colleges and Universities by degree program and area of study.

College Rankings Guides

U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges
Look for some of these useful lists:

National University Rankings
Liberal Arts College Rankings
Best Regional Universities in PA and North
Best Regional Colleges in PA and the North
A+ Schools for B Students
Best Business Schools
America’s Top Colleges

Reading for College-Bound Athletes

The Choice
The college admissions blog of the New York Times.
The Learning Network 
Another NYT site dedicate to education and learning issues.
Education Page of the New York Times
Lots of interesting news and worth adding a bookmark to your browser.
What You Don’t Know About Financial Aid But Should 
College financial aid is complicated. Read all about it.
Taming the Testing Monster
All about SAT and other testing.