Jennifer Forbes

Jennifer Forbes

June 9, 2022

Coaching Philosophy: Ball is life. Volleyball is a huge part of my life, and I am so passionate about the game. I try to embody and radiate this passion when teaching the game to the girls. I am energetic and enthusiastic in practices and games and I push the girls and teach them to be the best volleyball player that they can be, not the one I want them to be. Fundamentals are an impossible part of the game. You cannot build anything strong with a weak foundation.  Winning is great, and is fun but it is obviously not everything. Winning comes from within and is achieved when all the moving parts are working in sync.

Best Volleyball Moment: Playing in adult CHRVA nationals this year. Also following my dream and trying out for women’s national team a few years ago!

My Life in Sports: I started playing volleyball in middle school, I played throughout high school and played in college at Marymount university. I’ve been coaching high school and club for about 6 years since I’ve graduated and I love it! I still play probably 2-3 times a week in leagues and tournaments if I can

When I’m not coaching volleyball… I am playing volleyball or at work 

Favorite subject in school: Psychology 

Last Book I Read: A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans 

Favorite Quote: “what if I fail? my darling what if you fly?”  

Person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: April Ross or Simone biles 

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: My birthday is on Halloween