Chris Smith

Chris Smith

June 9, 2022

Chris Smith is the Director of East Coast Power Chesapeake.

He helped start East Coast Power Delaware and fielded 10 teams in the inaugural season. Two teams qualified, and both of the teams were head coached by Chris. The 16 Delaware and the 17 Granite team posted excellent results the entire season. 17 granite finished among the best of the best at every tournament they went to, including nationals in which they received the bronze medal for a 3rd place finish in the 17 national division.

The club then expanded with the addition of a branch in D.C. becoming East Coast Power Chesapeake. Prior to this season Chris has qualified 11 teams in 6 seasons including an open bid being Delaware’s first ever open bid recipient as well as a 5th in 13 national division, the highest finish of a Delaware team ever until the 3rd place finish with 17 Granite in 2019. 

Chris has coached for Delaware juniors, Brandywine and East Coast Power. Across all three of these clubs his teams have always demonstrated the competitiveness needed to be relevant on the national scale as well as the regional scale.

He has spent two seasons as a Division II college coach where his team went from last place in the conference to making the conference tournament in just two seasons.

He also spent two seasons at Delaware Military Academy leading them to a 32-1 record over 2 seasons and a state title. During that time DMA fielded one of only 12 athletes to ever be named a 3 time Gatorade player of the year in setter Sydney Fulton.

A constant student of the game, Chris has participated in the sport at every level as a coach, player, and official. He’s attended numerous coaching clinics including Gold Medal Squared, Art of coaching and several others.