Alexis Deconcilis

Alexis Deconcilis

June 9, 2022

Alexis Deconcilis: 14 Peake

Coaching Philosophy: My Coaching philosophy is to create a positive environment for athletes to grow on and off the court. 

Best Volleyball Moment: Setting

My Life in Sports: I played volleyball from ages 13-20 including: club, high school, beach and grass. I also played soccer from ages 6-13. While in high school I also ran varsity track for 3 years.

When I’m not coaching volleyball: I’m either at work or hanging out with friends.

Favorite subject in school: Philosophy

Last Book I Read: The Harry Potter series

Favorite Movie: Marvel movies

Favorite Quote: “Does anyone have any orange slices” – Ant-Man

The person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: Billie Eilish or Dolly Parton

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: I played a huge beach tournament in Hermosa Beach California