Celebrate Your Blue!


At East Coast Power, all of our teams are named after various types of blues — blue colors, military blues, and blues in nature. Each age group has its own theme and no two teams have the same color! We are proud of our BLUE TEAM NAMES and so are our players. Here are the blue themes for ECP Delaware.

18-Delaware & 18-Zircon: Our 18s rule the courts. All of our 18s have blues that represent royalty or leadership. DELAWARE was the First State! So what better name to give our leaders on the Delaware18s!

17-Granite & 17- Mica: Our 17s are the toughest players on the court, so we give them blue names that represent powerful metals, rocks and STRENGTH. Granite and lavender-blue garnets are found in the rocky terrain known as the Delaware Piedmont, so we loved these names for our Delaware 17s.

16-Bluecoats & 16-Regiment: Our 16s take over the gym, so we give them POWERFUL names from military blues. The 1st Delaware Regiment was viewed as the toughest regiment in the Continental Army. They were known as the Delaware Blues, so we celebrate this history with our Delaware 16s.. 

15-Marvel & 15-Shadow: Our 15s are full of surprises so we like to choose fun, SURPRISING names for our freshmen players. Our Delaware 15s play like superheroes so we gave them blue names to match their super powers!

14-Freeze & 14-Blast: Just like the splash in the ECP logo, our 14s always make a SPLASH on the court, so we give them blue names associated with water themes. Just like an Arctic freeze or blast, our Delaware 14s put the chill on the competition.

13-Atomic & 13-Nova: For our 13s, we know the SKY is the limit, so we give them blues from the sky and space. Our Delaware 13s are out of this world, so we give them blue names worthy of superstars!

12-Hen, 12-Bluejay & 11-Dragon: Our 12s and 11s are fun and enthusiastic, so we pick blue names that capture that YOUTHFUL spirit. In Delaware, the Blue Hens have a long history from the 1st Delaware Regiment and now the University of Delaware. Blue jays are a common bird in Delaware and while blue dragons may not be indigenous to Delaware, our Delaware 11s are fierce and they love their team name.