T.J. Wiechecki

T.J. Wiechecki

June 9, 2022

Coaching Philosophy: My goal with coaching is to help players to better understand the game both physically and mentally. While volleyball is a physically challenging sport with all of the different positions that can be played, I have always believed that it is just as mentally challenging if not more. In practices it is important to develop your skills on the court so that you can perform better in games, but players also have to work to develop their “Volleyball IQ” so that they can make quick mental decisions in pressure moments in games. As coaches I have always believed that it is our goal to provide players with feedback and direction to improve. On top of that, one of my main goals with coaching is to help each player to develop the ability to analyze their own play. For me, this skill was one of the most beneficial skills that I developed as a player and a skill that I think every player wishing to play at a high competitive level should work to gain.

Best Volleyball Moment: In High School, winning 4 State Championships, the 4th one coming my senior year in a game where we lost the first two sets and came back to win in 5. In College, being named a 1st team All American twice.

My Life in Sports: I have been around volleyball for most of my life. My sisters have played since they were young so i was always watching them at tournaments and school. I didn’t start playing until my freshman year of high school, and only tried it because my sisters convinced me to. From there it quickly became my favorite sport and I went on to play all throughout high school and college. After I graduated, I started helping with the team at Ursuline Academy and decided that I wanted to start coaching and helping younger players grow their skills and love for the game.

When I’m not coaching volleyball… I am usually either working as a Software Engineer or hanging out with friends.

Favorite subject in school: Either Discrete Math or Computer Science

Last Book I Read: I Am Pilgrim

Favorite Movie: Any Movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Too many great movies to pick just one.

Favorite Quote: “Find your grandparents or someone of age. Pay some respect for the path that they paved. To life, they were dedicated. Now, that should be celebrated.” -Twenty One Pilots

Person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: Tyler Joseph

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: At some point in my volleyball career, I have played every position except for libero.